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Health, Beauty & Wellness
Guiding you from Pregnancy + Beyond

Meet Melissa

Qualified NurtureLife™ Practitioner, Beauty Therapist & Postpartum Doula

Melissa is a qualified NurtureLife® practitioner specialising in Pregnancy massage, Labour Preprepartion massage, and Postnatal massage.  Melissa is committed to nurturing, nourishing, and supporting women on their journey through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


Sabuk Wellness can offer a wide array of Traditional Postpartum care for newborn mothers in their Fourth Trimester

(The Golden Month).  Mel has had the privilege of learning most of these modalities from different cultures worldwide and can share her wisdom of why these traditions should be embraced by our western way of living.


 Melissa is passionate about; Traditional Malay abdominal binding, Jamu Postpartum massage, Yoni Steaming, Robozo ceremony (Closing of the Bones)  natural herbal remedies, and Postnatal Doula & Confinement services.  Providing her clients with a nurturing & holistic approach in her support and knowledge to provide care and compassion to newborn mothers in their postpartum journey. 


Personalisation is very important. As every mother is different at Sabuk Wellness, Mel takes the time to understand your body to best help and support your journey.

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Meet Mel

Your Journey Begins Here

Health, Beauty & Wellness
Guiding you from Pregnancy + Beyond
Traditional Binding

Traditional Abdominal Binding & Herbal Remedy

It can help with


Aids in digestion & bloating by alleviating wind postpartum.

Support after Pregnancy

Encourages a faster recovery, aligning the spine & posture reducing back pain, lower back issues & sciatica.


Detoxify the womb and toxins from the body.

Women's Health

Holistic & natural healing after birth repairing abdominal wall tissues & separated abdominal muscles (Diastasis Recti). Increasing circulation and reducing swelling to promote healing. 

Restores your Body

Aids to relieve bloating and restores your tummy and waistline.


This is also a beautiful treatment for mothers who have experienced a stressful or a loss during their birthing process.



"The angels were on my side when they led me to Mel...words can not express how grateful I am for all her help in the last several weeks. Really taught me so much about nurturing, patience and love...and how delicious your cooking is! Hubby, bub and I adore you, you've given us the best start to parenthood"

— Tsubasa

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