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Closing of The Bones Ceremony

Closing the Bones can be a great way to find closure after birth.

In many cultures, there is a confinement period, a time when the new mother is looked after and nourished and helped to heal. Closing the Bones is a part of this tradition. 

Most cultures around the world have an innate understanding of the vulnerability of a new mother and the need for her to be cared for and nurtured to recover from growing and birthing her baby. Many of the postpartum traditions include nourishing foods and a period of confinement, and some kind of bodywork technique, ranging from massage, to binding with a cloth, helping the new mother regain her strength and energy.  

These practises seem so global and multicultural. Surely there is some wisdom in them, so why have we forgotten them?


Our hope is that one day enough women around the country will have heard of this lovely and important ritual and expect to receive it after birth.


Beyond the physical aspect of closing the bones, there is also a spiritual aspect to the treatment, which provides a safe space/ritual for the mother to feel nurtured, honored and celebrated.   This ceremony is a sacred ritual to release emotions associated with the birth, motherhood and those that may have experienced loss.

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