Traditional Malay

Abdominal Binding

We provide an array of holistic, traditional and nurturing services, supporting Womens health and wellbeing. 

Personalisation is very important to us, as every body is unique. Mel takes the time to understand your body to best help and support you and your healing journey.

What is Traditional Malay Abdominal Binding?

This traditional Malay abdominal binding technique has been practiced for hundreds of years. This treatment is a beautiful way to help assist a new mother - support, nurture, and restore her postpartum body back to wellness. This traditional technique is further enhanced by Mel with the understanding of a woman's anatomy to protect the integrity of your womb.

The traditional method of Malaysian Belly Binding includes a herbal mask and herbal compress with ancient post-natal remedies formulated by timeless traditions to assist your body to bounce back after pregnancy.  Abdominal Binding helps to aid in the recovery and restoration process such as providing support for Diastasis Recti ( Abdominal Separation ), Restores your Tummy and Waistline, Reduces bloating, provides stability for the pelvis and Pubic Symphysis. 

It is recommended that treatments take place within 2-4 weeks after a Vaginal birth and 6-8 weeks after a C-section postpartum. 

Nurture & Restore                              

5 x 60 min sessions

  • Abdominal massage 

  • Traditional Herbal Mask (tried and tested)

  • Abdominal Binding & Corset

  • Traditional Postpartum dish 



Including Advice and support regarding postpartum nutrition 

Mothering The Mother                             

10 x 60 min sessions

  • Abdominal massage with herbal compress 

  • Traditional Herbal Mask (tried and tested)

  • Abdominal Binding & Corset 

  • 1 x Lesson on Infant Baby Massage

  •  Traditional Postpartum dishes

  • Yoni Vaginal Steam using postpartum herbal remedies

Including Advice and support regarding postpartum nutrition 

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Mel has been amazing for me both pre and post pregnancy. She helped with my hip movement and back pain during pregnancy and belly binding post pregnancy. 

The results from the belly binding have been amazing. I feel like the old me prior to falling pregnant. 
I highly recommend Mel and her services for anyone wanting a treat both pre and post pregnancy.