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Meet Melissa

Qualified NurtureLife™ Practitioner, Beauty Therapist & Postpartum Doula
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"I'm a practitioner with extensive experience working with women for over 20 years.  I found my true passion after having gone through my own experiences as a woman and found myself following a new path and that was to support, nurture, and nourish newborn mothers, help guide them into their Motherhood journey intuitively, and with confidence.  


Whether a woman has the opportunity to bear a child or not, instinctively we all innately mothers of some kind.  We are nurturers, carers, and protectors of nature."

As a qualified NurtureLife® practitioner specialising in Pregnancy massage, Labour Preprepartion massage, and Postnatal massage.  Mel is committed to nurturing, nourishing, and supporting women on their journey through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Mel is passionate about providing Traditional Malay abdominal binding, Jamu Postpartum massage, Yoni Steaming, Robozo ceremony (Closing of the Bones), natural herbal remedies, and Postnatal Doula & Confinement services to her clients.

As a Postpartum Doula, Mel loves supporting new mothers in their Fourth Trimester (The Golden Month), offering traditions which Mel has had the privilege of learning from different cultures worldwide and will share her wisdom of why these traditions should be embraced by our western way of living.


As every mother is different, at Sabuk Wellness, Mel takes the time to understand your body and your needs to help support you and your journey the best way possible.

My Qualifications & Certificates

Certificate IV Massage Therapy - Gold Coast TAFE

Diploma of Beauty Therapy - Gold Coast Training Academy

Nurturlife Practitioner - Pregnancy Massage Australia

Postpartum Massage Therapist - Pregnancy Massage Australia

Pregnancy Massage Therapist - Pregnancy Massage Australia

Traditional Abdominal Binding - Restoring Mums Hong Kong

Jamu Postnatal Massage & Herbs - Restoring Mums Hong Kong

Infant Baby Massage - IMIS - Intensive Training Group

Postpartum Doula Training - Newborn Mothers - AUS

Postpartum Doula Training - Sacred Postpartum - USA

Jamu International Spa - Bali - Traditional Jamu abdominal binding and  postpartum treatments.

Spinning Babies Australia Workshop - Brisbane - Gladstone

Caring for Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Neonatal Workshop

The Institute of Feminine Arts -  Fertility Massage -Gold Coast

Moxa Workshop - House of Moxa

Holistic Wellness Haven: Experience Tranquility and Vitality at Sabuk Wellness
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