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Our Services

We provide an array of holistic and nurturing services, supporting Womens health and wellbeing. 

Personalisation is very important to us, as every body is unique. Mel takes the time to understand your body to best help and support your journey.

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Pregnancy + Postpartum Massage

As a qualified NurtureLife™ massage therapist, Mel can provide a holistic perinatal therapy developed by Pregnancy Massage Australia. 

Pregnancy and Postpartum massage is a nurturing, nourishing treatment to support the day to day changes that occurs within your body. 

This holistic massage approach assists in enhancing relaxation, decrease anxiety and stress, pain relief balancing the flow of relaxing endorphins throughout the body. 

Pregnancy massage  75 mins                 $110


Pregnancy massage  90 mins                 $130


Postpartum massage  75 mins                $110


Postpartum massage  90 mins                $130

Relaxation Massage   60 mins               $ 80

* Add on Mobile Service                      $10


Mamma-to-be                                  $150

Great Idea for a Baby Shower Gift

60 min massage + 30 min organic facial 

Postpartum Nurturing Pack                 $150

Time out for the New Mum, this treatment will have you walking away feeling nurtured and relaxed.

60 min massage + 30 min organic facial 

Labour Prep Massage                       $135

NurtureLife™ massage exploring how to best prepare your body for labour, whilst maintaining the mind-body-birth-baby-connection.

These techniques also offer a set of specialised skills for birth partner to easily adapt & utilise with the labouring woman.

Add on Services

Feet Treat   15 mins                         $20

Do you have swollen ankles, sore feet? Then this magnesium foot soak is a wonderful way to soother restless legs.

Yoni Steams 45 mins                       $75

Sacred space to cleanse your Yoni, it is a beautiful way to get in touch with your feminine side. Using a variety of healing herbs. 

Infant Baby Massage

Baby masssage can help relieve problems such as settle, sleep better, reduce crying and relieve wind,colic,constipation, reflux and eczema.

This is an educational lesson on how to teach parents these techniques.

Beauty with Love

Beauty with Love

Organic Facial  45 mins                     $65


Microdermabrasion Facial 30 mins      $55

Microdermabrasion Facial 60 mins      $80



Underarms             $15

Bikini                    $15

G-String                $25

Brazilian               $45

½ leg                   $25

Eyebrows              $20

Eyebrow Tint          $10

Full leg                $40

½ arm                 $10

Full arm               $25

Lip                      $10

Chin                    $10

Nose                   $10

Eyelash Tint          $15

Combo Eyelash & Eyebrow tint + wax         $35

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